White Clover

Perennial legume that we consider to be the most useful pasture legume, but due to high moisture content, a poor choice for dry hay production. White clovers are extremely palatable with high protein levels. Due to the possibility of bloat, they are most commonly planted with a grass. White clover has a prostrate, stoloniferous growth habit. Commonly interseeded into existing pastures.


JUMBO ii lADINO Clover

An aggressive tillering white clover that is an excellent complement to grass swards. Jumbo II has superior disease resistance, which along with its aggressive tillering, provides a dense canopy of forage and has proven to do well in the low to mid 5 pH range.

lADINO Clover

Widely used for forage, especially in pasture. It is high in protein digestibility, a heavy nitrogen fixer, easy to establish and moderately winter hardy. Ladino is  an upright growing form of white clover which spreads by stolons and will grow in soils considered too acidic for red clover and alfalfa.

White Dutch clover

Small leafed white clover with a prostate growth that is used primarily in turf stands.