Green Valley Forage Blends

Green Valley Blends consist of quality products combined to enhance each individual species strengths. All plants have inherent characteristics that, when combined, can ensure a consistent outcome.


GV 10 Hay and Pasture

Green Valley blend that is comprised of 50% grasses and 50% legumes. Works on a variety of soil types and stands up to grazing and haying.

          20% Aflalfa

          18% Medium Red Clover

          10% Alsike Clover               

           2% Ladino Clover

          20% Intermediate Ryegrass

          20% Orchardgrass

          10% Timothy

GV 20 Elite Hay and Pasture

Green Valley blend comprised of endophyte free fescue, late maturing orchard grass, high production timothy, elite alfalfas and clovers. Designed to maximize production and longevity.

          30% Fuzion Endophyte Free Fescue

          15%  Improved Orchardgrass

          15%  RC3 Red Clover

          15%  Optimum Series Alfalfa

          20% Perennial Ryegrass

            5% Improved Timothy

GV 30 Alfalfa Plus

Green Valley blend consisting of improved varieties of red clover, orchardgrass, timothy, and alfalfa that gives outstanding hay production.

         60% Optimum Series Alfalfa                                          

         20% RC3 Red Clover

         10% Improved Orchardgrass              

         10% Improved Timothy


Our grab and go mix is a Grass Only blend that works well for hay or pasture applications. It is a long-lasting, high-quality mix that will produce in less-than-ideal conditions. This mix is suitable for all livestock but works especially well for sheep or as a base for goats.

          25% Perennial Ryegrass

          25% Fuzion Endophyte Free Fescue

          20% Improved Orchardgrass

          10% Intermediate Ryegrass

          10% Improved Timothy

          10% Kentucky Bluegrass


Green Valley’s Horse Power mix. We designed this mix especially for horse pasture situations. It can handle heavy foot traffic and low grazing situations and is guaranteed to be endophyte free.

      20% Improved Orchardgrass                                        

      30% Perennial Ryegrass

      15% Improved Timothy

      15% Kentucky Bluegrass

      15% Bromegrass

GV Rescue Mix

A 3-way blend of ryegrasses designed to repair or “rescue” areas where animal traffic has destroyed existing forage. Extremely fast growth and extensive root mass help hold soil while providing excellent forage.

      34% Perennial Ryegrass

      33% Intermediate Ryegrass

      33% Italian Ryegrass