Alfalfa is a perennial legume used for hay and grazing. Establishment requires a firm seedbed, high levels of P & K, and a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Alfalfa stands cannot be thickened with interseeding. Alfalfas are rated on the Wisconsin Disease Index (WDI), X out of 30, and by Fall Dormancy (FD), the higher the number the longer the growing season. 























Optimum 4.2    WDI – 35/35, FD: 4

Green Valley’s leader in alfalfa performance with an outstanding trait package that raises the achievement bar to the next level. Optimum 4.2 boasts a 35/35 on the disease rating index, has the best winter hardiness score available, is resistant to stem nematode, and top all that off with high resistance to Aphanomyces Race 2. Whether it’s for exceptional forage yields, superior forage quality or very fast recovery after cutting, Optimum 4.2 is the choice for commercial hay, beef and dairy producers.


FSG 524    WDI – 30/30, FD: 5

If you are serious about alfalfa hay production FSG 524 is one you have to grow. Rich green foliage with high leaf-to-stem ratio combined with very fast recovery creates our highest yield potential. This multifoliate allows for the opportunity for dairy quality hay with proper management.


Resolute    WDI – 28/30, FD: 4

Our best selling alfalfa. Resolute is a blend of alfalfas chosen for their ability to produce high quality feed while maintaining stand integrity. Most often used in forage mixtures or short duration stands.

408DP    WDI – 28/30, FD: 4

Bred as a dual purpose alfalfa (Hay/Grazing), with high yield potential. FSG 408DP has deep-set crowns with 60% of the crowns 1 to 1-1⁄2 inches below the surface. The deep-set crowns give protection during severe winter weather and from animal and equipment traffic. For use in three or four cut systems where utilization will be diversified.


LH 30-30    WDI – 30/30, FD: 4

30-30 is a high quality alfalfa with genetic resistance to potato leaf-hopper that performs well in three or four cut systems. High yield potential and agronomic makeup ensures that LH 30-30 would be an excellent choice where straight alfalfa stands are desired.


430RRLH    WDI – 30/30, FD: 4

430RRLH is the latest generation of Genuity® Roundup Ready® leaf-hopper resistant alfalfa varieties that lets you produce cleaner, higher quality alfalfa for greater profit potential. 430RRLH alfalfa performs well over a wide range of environmental conditions and is adapted to all areas where 3, 4 and 5 fall dormancy varieties are planted.