Summer Annuals

Annual warm-season grasses can be used as part of a year-round grazing system throughout the Midwest. With adequate moisture and fertility, they rapidly produce high-quality forage during late spring and summer when cool-season forages are dormant. In addition, warm-season annual grasses work well in rotation with row crops or as emergency pastures.

Forage Sorghums


ADV F7232 is a medium season forage sorghum with excellent yield for maturity and superior forage quality potential.  The BMR-6 forage sorghum provides exceptional nutritional value.  The brachytic dwarf trait adds a much tighter distance between internodes, allowing for better standability.  ADV F7232 is adaptable and well-suited for full or limited irrigation or high-yield dryland.  95-100 days to soft-dough stage.


AF7401 features a genetic combination of BMR-6 and Brachytic Dwarf creatingva compact, leafy, prolific plant. A 110 day to soft dough plant that will yield with taller sorghums giving the best of both worlds.



AS5201 is a non-BMR, small seeded, thin-stemmed plant type variety that utilizes the Dry Stock Trait to create an excellent dry hay product. Alta


AS6201 is an easy to manage sorghum-sudangrass product featuring the BMR-6 characteristics.  AS6201 offers rapid regrowth for multiple cuttings and is 60 days to boot.  Atla


AS6402 represents the newest generation of hybrid sorghum-sudangrass products. AS6402 combines the BMR-6 gene, and the Brachytic dwarf trait, creating a very compact, leafy and prolific plant with 70 days to boot. Alta

Sudan X Sudangrass


AS9302 is a Brachytic Dwarf, BMR-6 hybrid sudangrass with very fine stems and tremendous regrowth. This product can be cut/grazed at a lower height and has a quick dry down time making it one of the most versatile forage products on the market.


German R Strain Millet

A late-maturing, warm-season annual crop. It has medium stem thickness and numerous broad leaves up the stem. It is shallow rooted but tolerates short periods of drought during the growing season.  German R Strain Millet produces most of its growth during July and August. The crop remains vegetative and grows rapidly whenever moisture is available. Used for food plots or dry hay production.

Pearl Millet

A bushy type hybrid with high yield potential which is achieved from a plant structure consisting of virtually all leaves. Quick to harvest, taking only 63 days to reach boot stage. Pearl Millet has a high level of tolerance to many pathogens and high humidity. FSG

Japanese Millet

A warm season annual crop commonly grown for mid-season grazing and forage production. It is a crop that compares to Sudangrass but without the prussic acid poisoning. Cattle find the forage palatable and it can be cut or grazed multiple times in the season. It is the most rapid growing of all millets producing ripe grain in 45 days after seeding.

Teff Grass


Moxie Teff is a self-pollinated, warm-season annual grass which can e harvested multiple times during the growing season as dry hay, silage, or pasture.  As a fast-growing crop, Moxie combines excellent forage quality with high yield during a relatively short growing season.