Turf Grasses


Turf grasses are narrow-leaved grass species that form a uniform, long-lived ground cover that can tolerate high traffic. Only a few grass species produce acceptable turf in the northern U.S. These grasses are referred to as the cool-season turf grasses.  One of the most important steps in turf grass establishment is the selection of high quality seed or a seed mixture that is adapted to the site conditions and intended use of the turf. Poor quality seed may be low in viability and contain weed seeds as well as undesirable grass species.





A 4-way blend of turf-type fescues developed for use in the Mid-West. Heat and drought tolerance, plus an aggressive tillering growth habit rank these selections among the top of turf fescues. Excellent disease resistance coupled with low water requirements ensure a long lasting and low maintenance sod.


Elite Turf

Green Valley mix consisting of an improved bluegrass, an improved ryegrass, and creeping red fescue to create an outstanding lawn.


Quick Turf

Green Valley economical lawn mix that provides quick cover without giving up quality and appearance.

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue

Common field/lawn type fescue that provides a good sod at an economical price.

Creeping Red Fescue

Shade tolerant fescue that is fine bladed with medium to dark green color.



An improved perennial variety that sets the standard for quality and performance with great disease package and salt tolerance.


98/85 Premium Kentucky Bluegrass

With its deep blue-green color and naturally fine-bladed characteristics, Kentucky Bluegrass is a very popular option in turf-type
applications. Green Valley offers only Premium Kentucky Bluegrass, guaranteeing a minimum purity of 98% (prior to the addition of seed coating), and a minimum germination rate of 85%.


Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass

Known for fast establishment, its medium-to dark green color, and early green-up in the spring Wildhorse is ideal for pure stands or blends with other species including tall fescues, fine fescues and ryegrass.