Perennial grass used for haying, grazing, and for pastures. Fescue is also ideal for waterways, levees, and pond banks. Available in endophyte, endophyte-free, and beneficial endophyte varieties. Upright growth characteristics make fescue an excellent companion to legumes and herbs.























Fuzion Endophyte Free Fescue

Fuzion fescue is a customized blend of improved endophyte free fescue varieties. Fuzion is long-lived and provides excellent production, making it a great base for hay  and pasture applications.


Baroptima Plus E34

Baroptima Plus E34 is a soft-leaf fescue with beneficial endophyte. High energy and high yields  with three times more persistence than endophyte-free varieties.


Kentucky 31 Premium Tall Fescue

Kentucky 31 is early maturing with endophytes present. Excellent for waterways, levees, or pond dams. Makes excellent winter stockpile.