Green Valley Seed was founded in the late 1940’s as an agri-based seed company specializing in buying, processing, and marketing of local commodity-type seeds. Though our focus has shifted to include proprietary and specialized forages and grains, we have remained very committed to both the seed industry and the consumer. We do our best to keep up with the ever changing agricultural industry to provide the best products available as well as knowledge on new trends and management practices.




Knowledge of the capabilities and characteristics of various seeds will be the greatest deciding factor in whether or not you are pleased with the results. Inputs are high, so make your choices wisely. Your investment in seed will play a large part in your production of the future.



We are located at:

121 W College St.

PO Box 35

Kahoka, MO  63445

You can call us @ 800-748-7943 or fax to 660-727-3343

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