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Orchardgrass Varieties

Extend. Late-maturing orchardgrass that is perfect for alfalfa or clover hay mixtures. Extend combines superior yield with great palatability and excellent plant vigor. FSG

Amba Orchardgrass. Amba is a fast establishing variety bred for high forage production right from the start.  Amba is very winter hardy and has very good tolerance to late night spring time frost.  Its high digestibility is comparable to later maturing varieties, which is not a typical trait when combined with strong early growth.  Amba grows tall and produces high dry matter yields.  It will mix well with red clover and other tall growing grasses.  DLF

HLR. HLR is a blend of the best and latest orchardgrass varieties.  Selected from intermediate to late maturing varieties which also have good disease tolerance.  Excellent choice for use with alfalfa. Barenbrug

Please contact us with questions on other varieties.