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White Clover Varieties

Regal Graze.  Regal Graze is the first grazing tolerant ladino clover selected for persistence under abusive grazing (U of Georgia).  Although persistent, it is not overly aggressive so Regal Graze will not talke over the pasture.  The larger leaves and higher canopy growth result in one of the best yielding varieties available.  Regal Graze is the highest in palatability ranking and widely adapted throughout the US.

Seminole Ladino Clover.  Seminole is a very aggressive , high yielding ladino clover.  It has thick runners and establishes very well and competes well even when it is interseeded into existing pastures.  It has excellent regrowth even when under intensive grazing pressures.
VNS Ladino CloverA common giant white clover that has an upright growth habit. Works well in pastures and wildlife food plots.

White Dutch Clover. Small leafed white clover with a prostate growth that is used primarily in turf stands.

Please contact us with questions about varieties not listed.