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White Clover Varieties

Pinnacle Ladino Clover. Pinnacle was developed for today’s high-performance pasture needs. Expect excellent establishment and seeding vigor, along with cool season produc­tivity and the aggressive season long growth necessary to maximize grazing. Pinnacle has a very upright growth habit with numerous fine stems and large dark green leaves. This variety was bred for superior persistence and can stand up to leaf disease and virus pressure.

White Dutch Clover. Small leafed white clover with a prostate growth that is used primarily in turf stands.

Alice White Clover. Alice has large leaves and is a prostrate growing ladino clover with medium height making it an excellent companion in diverse pastures. Work well when frost seeded and can also be planted late summer/ early fall. It provides great nitrogen fixation, and has a long life expectancy, making it a great addition to any pasture.

Please contact us with questions about varieties not listed.