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Fescue Varieties

Fuzion. Fuzion fescue is a customized blend of improved endophyte free fescue varieties. Fuzion is long-lived and provides excellent production, making it a great base for hay and pasture applications.

STF-43. STF-43 is a premium blend of late maturing, soft-leaf tall fescues. This blend is formulated with varieties that provide exceptional levels of dry matter. STF-43 is well-suited for both hay and pasture. Barenbrug

Baroptima Plus E34. Soft-leaf fescue with beneficial endophyte. High energy and high yields with three times more persistence than endophyte-free varieties. Barenbrug

KY31 Premium. Early maturing with endophytes present. Excellent for waterways, levees, or pond dams. Makes excellent winter stockpile.


Please contact us with questions about varieties not listed.