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Fescue Varieties
Trilogy. Trilogy is a customized three-way blend of improved endophyte free fescues from Barenbrug.  Trilogy is excellent for both grazing and hay production, featuring both soft leafed and upright fescue varieties.  One of our favorite products. Barenbrug
STF-43.  STF-43 is a premium blend of late maturing, soft leaf tall fescues.  This blend is formulated with varieties that provide exceptional levels of dry matter.  STF-43 is well suited for both hay an pasture.  Barenbrug

Baroptima Plus E34. Soft-leaf fescue with benefical endophyte. High energy and highyields with three times more persistence than endophyte-free varieties. Barenbrug
KY31 Premium. Early maturing with endophytes present. Excellent for waterways, levees, or pond dams. Makes excellent winter stockpile.

Please contact us with questions about varieties not listed.