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Beefmaster.  Beefmaster is a special formulation of forage grasses for stocker cattle and beef cows and calves.  Highly productive, high energy forage varieties in Beefmaster provide rapid weight gains in beef cattle. Barenbrug.


Dairymaster. Scientifically formulated to provide a dairy quality pasture. Also very well suited for replacement heifers, lactating beef cows, and stocker operations. Barenbrug.


Stockmaster.   A perfect grass mixture for fields that require a long lasting, high quality pasture.  Made up of a complex formula that allows it to be used under less than ideal conditions. Stockmaster is suited for all classes of livestock, especially sheep. Barenbrug


Horsemaster. A mixture especially made for horse pastures that takes low grazing and heavy foot traffic.  Horsemaster is guaranteed endophyte-free. Barenbrug.


GV10 Hay and Pasture.  Green Valley blend that is comprised of 50% grasses and 50% legumes.  This blend is our workhorse that is solid across all soil types and stands up to grazing and haying.



GV20 Premium Hay Mix.  Green Valley blend comprised of endophyte free fescue, late maturing orchard grass, high production timothy, elite alfalfas and clovers.  Designed to maximize production and longevity. 


GV30 Plus.  Green Valley blend consisting of improved varieties of red clover, orchardgrass, timothy, and alfalfa that gives outstanding hay production.



GV50 Waterway.  Green Valley mix that combines quick cover, excellent root mass, and persistence to hold the soil extremely well.


GV50 Free Waterway.  Same as GV50 but uses an endophyte-free fescue.


GV 66 Hay Mixture. Green Valley mix that works well for haying or grazing. Consists of improved varieties of endophyte free fescue, orchardgrass, and premium medium red clover. A simple yet very effective mix.