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Cover Crops

As cover cropping gets more and more popular and refined, we here at the Valley are doing our best to keep up.  Cover cropping is a relatively new practice to our region, but one that we believe can and will be beneficial to growers. We believe that cover crops can greatly improve soil health, which is the capacity of a soil to function.

How do cover crops improve soil health? Here are the basics. Cover crops make the soil work, that is they give the micro-organisms a home and something to do. Cover crops help control erosion, scavenge for nutrients, help water infiltration, suppress weeds, add organic matter, suppress soil disease and pests, and naturally till the soil to fight compaction. Improved soil health can lead to less input cost and higher yields, and what grower can afford to not consider this.

Please contact us with questions about cover crops. We enjoy visiting and sharing ideas and information. The websites listed below have great information on cover cropping, please check them out.